Team Building Tips for Women Rebecca L herman PhD

Leadership is a process which, to be utilized successfully, requires an understanding of some basic guidelines, as Rebecca Herman refers to them, “Bases of Leadership”.


In this important interview, Rebecca Herman, PhD  shares insights with Sabrina Braham about team building tip for women and leadership. Rebecca Herman is co-author of LEAD ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME: Stories and Strategies To Develop Major League Leadership, and a Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development for Kaplan University’s School of Business graduate programs.

Listen to these powerful team building tips for women and learn a winning system of leadership success using baseball analogies and stories.

Women’s Leadership and Career Development Tips Include:

  • How Major League Baseball managers gain the trust and respect Team building for women - Lead me Out to the Ball Game Bookof their players.
  • A proven way to increase your passion at work
  • The three dimensions of Major league leadership
  • Why it is important to lead yourself first
  • What we teach others by our behavior
  • How to earn the respect of your team and co-workers
  • The most important ingredient when working with different generations
  • How one can foster a winning team; team building tips for women

If you want to improve your leadership and your team building skills, listen to this interview, especially if you have at least a passing interest in America’s greatest past time! It shows people at all levels, and in all industries, how to lead like a Major League Manager and develop Major League Leadership.

Women are often at a disadvantage when it comes to leading in business.

You can help change that!

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