Look around at any professional or social gathering and you’ll see some people in animated conversation while others sit on the sidelines watching the action. Who do you think will be remembered when there’s a promotion coming up? 

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The ability to walk into a room of strangers and strike up a conversation is one hallmark of a leader. Whether you’re talking to the assistant from Accounting or the company CEO, there are tips and tricks you can use to initiate conversation easily, so the other person becomes a friend, ally or mentor. Shyness is no excuse. You must be able to hold your own in a world where the ability to communicate has become an imperative. 

Our guest is Susan RoAne who is known as “The Mingling Maven®,” is considered to be one of today’s most influential networking and business communication experts.  She teaches how anyone can overcome shyness and learn to schmooze with confidence, whether you’re networking for business or attending a social event.

Listen today and advance your career. You will get simple techniques and strategies for connecting and communicating in today’s global business world.

In this Women’s Leadership Success show, executive business coach Sabrina Braham and women leaders author Susan RoAne will discuss:

  • Why women leaders have an advantage when making conversation because of an inherent ability Susan calls “the host training.”
  • How you can turn any boring conversation into an animated exchange that’s interesting to both parties.
  • Which newspaper most dynamic leaders read everyday, no matter where they live—it’s not the Wall Street Journal.
  • How to use specific social media sites, along with Google and other browsers, to give you a head start when talking to the people you want to know.
  • Why technology has caused over 90 percent of people to identify themselves as “shy” and how you can be in the positive 10 percent.
  • What you can learn by eavesdropping on people chatting around you, turning that information into sure-fire conversation starters.
  • The uses and abuses of business cards and how you can make your card a memorable statement that’s saved and remembered.  
  • How women leaders can “shine in a crowd” by going against popular wisdom about 30-second introductions and presenting yourself as a total package, which includes how you dress and speak.
  • Why you must encourage yourself. You know your skills and achievements, so speak up! Use proven tricks to get your message across without sounding conceited.

Women are often at a disadvantage when it comes to getting ahead in business.

Help us change that!

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