Have you ever thought about starting a business, but didn’t because you didn’t know how to go about it? Do you have doubts about managing or leading people, either in your own business or in the company where you work now? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, or want to learn more about managing a company, then you need to listen to this show!

Even today, when women are supposed to be considered equal, many people are amazed when they find us doing traditionally “male jobs.” Whether a woman is a firefighter, an airline captain, an international corporate CEO or at the helm of a successful entrepreneurial enterprise, there’s often a sense of disbelief that a female is handling a man’s job. So imagine the reaction to a woman running a wilderness expedition company!

Running a Successful Business

In this Women’s Leadership radio podcast we’re going to talk about the lessons learned from starting and running a successful business, especially one in a man’s world. Our guest is Donna Hunter who co-founded Mariah Wilderness Expeditions, turning her eight-year hobby into a business.

In this episode of Women’s Leadership Success, executive business coach Sabrina Braham and Mariah Wilderness Expeditions leader Donna Hunter will discuss:

  • What you need to learn before—or soon after—becoming an entrepreneur.
  • The wide range of venues available to you when looking for information and how you can find out what questions to ask, one of the most important steps when learning anything new.
  • Management by consensus and hierarchal management—why each has its place and how you can combine both styles.
  • The ways business is different when a woman is running a successful business and why you need to find and learn from role models.
  • The importance of knowing your niche, offering what your competitors can’t and developing your brand.
  • How to use humor in the workplace while making certain your staff understands you’re serious about what you’re saying.
  • Why your competitors should be your allies and how you can profit from those relationships.
  • How to turn the business mistakes we all make into invaluable learning experiences.

Women are often at a disadvantage when it comes to getting ahead in business.

Help us change that!

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