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Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright biographyDr. Halee Fischer-Wright, who received her M.D. from the University of Colorado, is the author of BACK TO BALANCE:  The Art, Science, and Business of Medicine, and is a nationally recognized physician leader, health care executive, and former business consultant, whose work focuses on innovation and creating cultures of excellence. Dr. Fischer-Wright is president and CEO of Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and is the co-author of Tribal Leadership, a New York Times bestseller about leveraging natural groups to build a thriving organizations.


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Prior to assuming her current role, she Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright biography Back to Balancewas a practicing physician, management consultant in multiple industries, president of Rose Medical Group, and chief medical officer within Centura Health. Dr. Fischer-Wright holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, a master’s degree in medical management from the University of Southern California, and a certificate in executive leadership coaching from Georgetown University. She is the recipient of multiple national awards for leadership in innovation, health care, business, and women’s leadership.  She currently lives in Denver, Colorado.