In spite of all the attention, and “lip service” promoting diversity and women in leadership in fortune 500 companies – AND an increase in highly qualified, educated and motivated women in the workforce, — women still remain, greatly under utilized in corporate leadership…

Here are the facts:

  • Only about 15% of women are in senior executive positions, 17 percent on boards and 3 – 4 % are CEO’s….

Now here’s the good news.

Our guest Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D. is an expert in women in leadership development and has researched the long

Women in Leadership - Joelle Jay

Joelle K. Jay Ph.D.

standing hurdles that women experience in corporate culture. In this interview she shares specific strategies and approaches to guide you beyond blocks – and into positions of top Leadership.

New Advantage: How Women in Leadership Create Win-Wins

Dr. Joelle Jay is the principal with the Leadership Research Institute and an executive coach and keynote speaker. Joelle specializes in the advancement of executive women and she is proud to support the development of top talent in positions of leadership for many successful companies including MetLife, Adobe and Microsoft. She’s also the co-author with Howard Morgan of the New Advantage: How Women in Leadership Create Win-Wins For Their Companies and Themselves, and I want to say this is one of the best books I’ve read this year

The New Advantage for Women in Leadership Interview Points

  • The challenges that help to perpetuate the pattern in which women advance with certain level of the company and then they find themselves stopped.
  • New perspective to break past those barriers.
  • Why companies with more women in leadership are more profitable.
  • How women are learning to empower themselves to know how valuable they really are.
  • Learn how to identify the stopping points in your career advancement.
  • Turning a challenge into one of the greatest advantages for you.
  • Why practice in communicating your opinion and formulating your thoughts clearly and efficiently is very good training for “executive presence”.
  • Owning your success by being able to articulate the value that you bring.
  • Use feedback to develop a strong vision of what success will mean for you.
  • What is “election”, and how might it affect you getting promoted?

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