Women's Career Guide: Faisal Hoque


Every year I read thirty to forty business and career development books to gain knowledge and find thought leaders to interview. This book is one of the best I have read in 3 years. So good, I read it 3 times.

Faisal Hoque, author of “Everything Connects, How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovations, and Sustainability” is a brilliant thought leader who shares insights that will help you advance your career and be a better leader.

A Woman’s Career Guide to Personal Success

I was surprised and delighted to find new ideas and ways of thinking. I think you will agree that it will change the way you think and hopefully what you will do with yourself and your career development.

Management guru and thought Everything Connects: Women's Career Guide bookleader Faisal Hoque shares his futuristic perspective on work and people.  He says that the constant cascade of new technologies and social changes are creating a more empowered population. Workforces are increasingly dispersed, demanding of self-expression, and quite possibly disengaged.

“Within this topsy-turvy context, leaders must spark creativity, drive innovation, and ensure sustainability.” Faisal Hoque

Using real-life practical experiences, Faisal defines a personal and professional playbook that shows Women (and Men) how to:

  • Holistically connect the “when” and “what”, with who you are
  • Inspire and lead inside and outside of your organization
  • Learn the importance of relationships and how to leverage them
  • Woman’s career guide to opportunities for connections
  • Develop your career with transferable skills
  • Put yourself in a place where you have lots of different experiences.
  • Open yourself up to knowledge- discovering actions

If you truly want to advance your leadership and career, listen to this insightful interview and that will guide woman leaders worldwide.

Women are often at a disadvantage when it comes to leading in business.

You can help change that!

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