PatDreaPhoto2.JPGIf you are entreprenurial or career woman in a currrent or future leadership position, you need to listen to this important episode of Women’s Leadership Success with Sabrina Braham, executive coach, and Pat Drea, Vice President of Visiting Angels, a leading national home health care company. Pat shares the ways of thinking that have brought her great success in business and as a women leader.

Learn about the Psychology of Achievement for Women Leaders and simple ways you can activate your mind more effectively to achive your goals.

Psychology of Achievement For Women Leaders, this episode includes:

  1. Secrets for finding and being a mentor
  2. The principles that will help you maximize your talents and realize your full potential.
  3. How to change the way you think and open up to unlimited possibilities.
  4. The importance of setting goals and expanding your thinking.
  5. The gift in your failure.
  6. Increase your success through the power of intention.

Pat Drea, Chief Operating Officer of Visiting Angels

A leading national private duty home care company, at which she is the primary architect of business and operational models. Pat is an exceptional business leader. She is admired and respected for her wisdom and brillance.

Prior to her current position, She has successfully led four company startups and two turnarounds.

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