Are there circumstances or choices you have made that have you stuck?

Do you need some encouragement to take more risks? 

Maybe you want more control of your life and career?

Or do you want to help motivate women to never give up?

Our special guest Susan Combs says, “Every day, every age, is the right day, and the right age, to direct your destiny.”

How to motivate women. Susan Combs Texas Tenacity shares tips

Susan has been through lots of ups and downs in life and has come through her experiences with grace and a sense of humor. Her mission now is to motivate women and girls and encourage them to “seize opportunities wherever they find them and to hold on to their identities with every thing they have got.”

Author Susan Combs Motivates Women

Women's Leadership interview with Susan Combs shows how to motivate women

Susan Combs served as the Texas State Comptroller from 2007 to 2015 where she pushed through reforms in state government spending.  Previously, she served as Texas agricultural commissioner in the Texas State Legislature.  She also served as an assistant district attorney in Dallas, Texas.  She’s written Texas Tenacity:  A Call for Women to Direct Their Own Destiny. And has founded a non-profit http://www which is committed to building a community where women can find others who share their interests, encourage their growth and dare to follow their passions.

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Texas Tenacity with Susan Combs Interview Summary: Motivate Women to Seize Opportunities

  • Learn the most important qualities to have when it comes to being yourself
  • How to develop the courage to stand up for yourself
  • Why optimism is crucial to your success.
  • Tips to getting things done when doors are shut.
  • Discover the difference between a goal and a core mission
  • The surprising reason you have got to take action now!
  • How to motivate women to take risks
  • Discovering your secret strengths
  • How to reach for the opportunity
  • Take your fear out and put it on the table
  • Where to go if you are in trouble

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