If you want to learn the career secrets of a successful, well-balanced female executive – who is under 40 – and  has excelled in a male-dominated corporate environment, then you have come to the right place.
Take a few minutes now and listen to this fresh, honest, and compelling interview with Karin Gilford, senior vice president of Fancast and online entertainment, Comcast Interactive Media and Sabrina Braham, host of Women’s Leadership Success Radio Podcast.
In this Karin Gilford interview you will learn:
  • Finance knowledge: a core career development for women success ingredient
  • Where you fit in the goals and values of the company
  • Being honest and forthright about your commitment to your children
  • Getting others to invest in your success for career development
  • Time management: the surprising suggestion for what to tackle first.
  • Women leaders taking risks in male dominated areas
  • How women leaders can prosper, even in a down economy
  • The importance of completely understanding the discussions at meetings
  • How women leaders can leverage people skills for promotions and profits
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