Do you ever wonder why men don’t ask for directions?

Or why men often interrupt you when you’re talking?

Or why men think they’re right—even if they don’t know the answer?

How many women can relate to these questions?

gender communication tips with Connie Glaser for Women's Leadership Succes RadioIn this fast-paced, thought provoking interview with one of the leading experts on gender communications at work, you’re going to discover that men and women have their own distinctive customs and rituals when talking, problem-solving and decision-making.

Listen today and learn proven ways to deal with these gender challenges, how to move to win-win outcomes, and how to enjoy—and even celebrate—the gender communication differences.

For the last 30 years Connie Glaser has been a leading expert on gender communication differences. She’s the author of five books on gender communications. Her breakthrough bestseller Swim with the Dolphins has been translated into over a dozen languages. Her latest book is GenderTalk Works: 7 Steps for Cracking the Gender Code at Work.

In this interview Connie presents ground breaking ways to understand the cultural differences in communication between men and women. She shows us that differences in communications between men and women are a fact of life and if we handle them correctly, those difference will be immediately evident.

Connie Glaser presents a practical, usable strategy to increase inclusiveness and clear the air for better communication and understanding.

Highlights from the interview on gender communication differences:

  • The differences between male and female brains;
  • Why women apologize too much;
  • Why it’s important for women to speak up;
  • How to take credit for your work;
  • The surprising truth about who interrupts the most;
  • The cultural differences between women and men;
  • How to plug in to hard-wired gender communication differences;
  • How to handle the situation when cultural rituals create misunderstandings.

What are your biggest concerns or questions on gender communication differences? Please post them below and get specific tips to help you succeed in your leadership and career.


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