Join Sabrina Braham MA PCC and Cathy Greenberg Ph.D, an anthropologist, psychologist and an expert on positive psychology as she shares how women can learn to have a happier life.

Women Leadership and Career Interview Highlights

  • The surprise that happiness is a science, that It can be taught, and how it will help you be more successful in your career
  • Learn to listen for the clues that tell you how positive a person is and how to attract those people at work
  • You can change the language you use, your work relationships and get more positive results
  • Explore the new findings in positive psychology that will lead to a healthy and happy work balance for you and your direct reports
  • Discover the happiness traps
  • What to stop in order to be happy
  • Happiness takes practice, and how to do it
  • Open to the possibility of learning new ways of looking at the world and engaging people
  • Eliminate some of our suffering and our own illnesses
  • The simple personal inventory that will increase your happiness
  • Discover your own path to happiness through identifying misplaced fears, nurturing and owning your own strengths, becoming proactive in the creation of your own destiny

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