What has been the secret of LL Bean, Starbucks, Samsung, Lowes, and many others that have earned them top market share and profits?

It’s customer service that empowers top companies to outshine competitors.

Customer Service the Sandler Way Author Anne MackeiganTo find out how you can join these top businesses, join my guest, Anne Mackeigan & me and learn about Customer Service the Sandler Way

Anne is the customer care program specialist for the Sandler Way and the author of “Customer Service The Sandler Way: 48 Rules For Strategic Customer Care.” Listen to this interview and learn how you can help your business elevate customer care to lead and succeed.

Customer Service Interview Summary

  • Tips to learning good customer service
  • Discovering the connection between helping and selling
  • Hiring the right people and asking the right questions when you hire.
  • Knowing the secret to resolving issues.
  • How to help solve customer problems
  • What to do to handle a difficult situation or a difficult person
  • The proven process for taking a person to a successful solution
  • What you do after you make the mistake in customer service
  • Not everybody is suited to customer service.
  • Learning what behaviors and outcomes are coaching opportunities for women leaders.

No matter what you position in your company from CEO to line worker. This interview will be a valuable tool to help you and your company learn the magic of the upserve, and how to implement it.

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