What do Coca-Cola, Walmart, Patagonia do that has increased, profits and success and set the stage for the future way beyond the vast majority of companies?

How do they create compelling visions that shape a radically different future?

What can you do, no matter what your job title is, to develop a vibrant culture and inspired employees? Listen to this thought provoking interview to find out.

Are You Willing to Change Your Corporate Culture?

Corporate Culture:The New Corporate FactsMany businesses resist change… “We have a company that works, producing products the public wants and buys. Why mess with a good thing?” Do you believe that?

Ask Kodak about rejecting the change to digital. Our world changes daily and successful businesses change with it. Beyond simple product changes, today’s forward-looking enterprise has to demonstrate, at the very least, innovation, an environmental consciousness, globalization and stability. This means they must change their corporate culture.

There can be no transformational change unless we look at things differently. It is the only road to sustainability and success. The best news is that the power to effect this change lies in each of us.

Executive business coach Sabrina Braham and author Diana Rivenburgh share insights and actionable tips women (and men too) can use to improve your corporate culture and bottom line.

Diana Rivenburgh – Corporate Culture Expert

Corporate Culture AdviceAuthor Diana Rivenburgh prominently displays her company’s mission statement: “… to leverage the tremendous power of sustainability for client prosperity and a better world.” Diana walks her talk. With over 25 years experience in organizational and leadership development, change, consulting and strategy creation, she held several corporate executive leadership positions before starting her own business.

For her new book, The New Corporate Facts of Life: Rethink Your Business to Transform Today’s Challenges into Tomorrow’s Profits, Diana spoke to 100 leaders of large and small companies, in different sectors and countries, with diverse endeavors. Each talked to her about their perspective on what was important to their industries or organizations and what they saw as essential to success in the years ahead.

How Women Leaders Can Contribute To Corporate Culture Change And Sustainability

In this podcast, Sabrina Braham and Diana Rivenburgh will talk about:   

  • The seven global forces that are affecting every corporate and non-profit enterprise today
  • How to change corporate culture mindsets from “take, make, waste” to “shared value for the business and society”
  • The major U.S. company that established a corporate initiative to help five million women around the world set up and expand their own businesses by 2020
  • How one international shoe company collaborates with their competitors to rethink how their products are made with environmental consciousness
  • What you can do, wherever you stand on the corporate ladder, to shift mindsets and reshape the corporate culture
  • The transcendent importance of consistent innovation when seeking sustainability and why one company’s head of sustainability reports to their head of innovation
  • The four lessons learned from Diana’s research and how we can implement them in our workplaces
  • What Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop, has done to ensure the company operates on the core values of ethics and environment, along with human and animal rights
  • Ways a construction business is not only socially responsible, but insists its employees lead, engage and align with the corporate culture
  • The key attributes you must have if you want to be on the board of a forward thinking company.

Women are often at a disadvantage when it comes to getting ahead in business.

Help us change that!

What challenges or suggestion do you have in changing corporate culture in your business or career?

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