Dianna Booher; Creating Personal Presence

Watch a seasoned politician speak to her constituents or a corporate executive handle a press briefing on a sensitive subject. They speak with confidence, they project an aura of dependability and they leave their listeners convinced by their message. We live in a world where we are judged not just by what we say, but by how we say it — how we present ourselves — and how we take control of even the most uncomfortable situations.

Communication skills are paramount and every acknowledged leader has mastered them.

At one time it was enough to be quietly competent. Women, especially, were encouraged to stand back and avoid controversy. We were taught to be seen and not heard. However, we live in a new reality. Have you ever known the press to criticize a male Secretary of State for how he’s dressed, how he wears his hair or whether he’s had plastic surgery? In order to be successful today, women are expected to well-dressed and well-groomed. We must speak up at meetings, demonstrate our capabilities and draw attention to ourselves without being obvious or overbearing. It’s a tall order.

Sabrina Braham’s guest is Dianna Booher, the CEO of Booher Consultants, a communication skills training firm that serves 280 of the Fortune 500 list along with other global clients including IBM, Pepsico, JCPenney, Deloitte and Touche, American Airlines, and JPMorgan Chase. The corporate goal is to increase productivity and profitability through more effective communication––presentation skills, business writing, technical writing, and interpersonal communication. Dianna has been featured in the list of “21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century” compiled by Successful Meetings and has written 46 books that have sold over four million copies

Executive Coach Sabrina Braham & Dianna Booher Discuss:

  • Why improved communication skills are the most important factor in every  woman’s career advancement.
  • How “personal presence” — the way you look, talk, think and act — affects how others evaluate you.
  • The subtle difference between male gesturing and female gesturing styles.
  • How to use a simple exercise to correct your posture and gesturing technique  to add validity to what you say.     
  • Why you must dress like an executive instead of middle management and how you can achieve the proper business look.
  • Why face-to-face communication is vital, especially in the Digital Age, and  how to approach personal interactions with confidence.
  • How to recognize the six stages of every meeting and respond to each appropriately so you’re considered an effective participant.
  • When to use “bridging statements” to steer any discussion forward in the direction you want.

Dianna Booher Biography for Women’s Leadership Success

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