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Habits of a Happy Brain for Women Leaders

Today we are going to talk about something different… Something that you would probably never hear - in a leadership program or course. This vital information on how to retrain your brain, will change your ability to control your emotions - and impact how you lead. Welcome to habits of a happy brain and how [...]

By | October 1st, 2016|Communications, Health, Leadership, Podcast|2 Comments

Stress Management for Women in Business

Women in Business and Stress Management We’ve all felt it, the oppressive feeling we’ll never get everything done, make everyone happy, and fulfill all our roles in life. We lie awake at night worrying about what might happen tomorrow — and may happen because we’re so tired and stressed... Stress is a big word in [...]

By | March 27th, 2015|Career Development, Health, Life Balance, Parenting, Podcast|2 Comments
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