• Do you think small talk at work is a waste of time?
  • Do you ever wonder how some people seem to know all the right people in the company?
  • Would you like to know how networking can advance your career?

Career networking is much more than schmoozing. Susan Roanne Biography for Women's Leadership Success Radio

It is all about building strong relationships with people who can support you in your work and who you can support in their jobs. These relationships are the foundation of a successful career.

Listen to this interview with Susan RoAne one of the top networking experts for women. Because of her groundbreaking best seller, How to Work a Room’, Susan is considered the undisputed and original networking and conversation experts. She has sold over a million books worldwide.

The career networking for women tips include:

  • How to build an intra company network
  • What makes a savvy networker
  • Skills to cultivate if you are shy or introverted
  • Why in person trumps social media
  • The ways networking impacts our career goals
  • The secret to a great conversation
  • And more networking tip guaranteed to help women like you advance their careers.

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