How is your Self Confidence?

Have you ever refused an opportunity or promotion?

Have you doubted your skills, knowledge or expertise even though others praise you?

Do you compare yourself against others and many times come up short?

Do you have difficulty recovering from failure?

You may one of the 67% of women who say they need more support building confidence to feel like they can be leaders according to the KPMG Women’s Leadership Survey 2016

According to this Women’s Leadership Survey, Lack of confidence affects many activities that are needed to get into management.

Build self Confidence to advance your career with Sabrina Braham MA PCC

courtesy Dr. Nick Lazaris

Here’s some shocking statistics on why lack of confidence is a career killer:

  •  9 out of 10 women are not confident asking for a sponsor (a executive advocate to help you get promoted).
  • 78% lack confidence to ask for a mentor
  • 76% do not ask for access to senior leadership
  • 73% afraid to ask for a career path plan
  • 69% do not request a promotion
  • 65% do not ask for a raise
  • 56% do not request a new role or position

How to build self confidence that helps Your Career

Most of these problems above relate to not speaking up.  This is something that most women were trained to do culturally.  It is not your fault you may have some of these confidence challenges that hurt your career above.

The good news is that you can build self confidence that helps your career, is a skill set you can develop. When you do you will outshine your own expectations. Read on. I am going to show the way.


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Sabrina Braham helps women leaders build self confidence

Sabrina Braham helps women leaders build self confidence

I Grew up Feeling I Was Stupid…

Growing up I felt that not only was I was stupid, & ugly, but I couldn’t do anything right. My family agreed with me, which supported that I really couldn’t do anything. All through grade school and high school I struggled…

Then one day I met a great teacher that believed I was more capable then I did. He insisted I take risks, encouraged and guided me. Much to my surprise I excelled! I went on to graduate from college with a Master’s degree in psychology. I created a successful psychotherapy practice and then moved into the field of management consulting and executive coaching. I have spent twenty-five years struggling and mastering self-confidence for others and myself.

Over these past twenty-five years + I have developed an expertise in leadership mastery and changing limiting behaviors’ to help people get promoted and enhance their careers.  That is why I am being interviewed in this 2-part podcast Building Self-Confidence and announcing my free webinar to help you build self-confidence and advance your career.


Access Part II on Building Self-Confidence Here: Women’s Leadership Success Radio Interview #86 .


Build Self Confidence Interview With Sabrina Braham MA PCC

  • How to overcome lack of self-confidence
  • Why being self-confident is so important to your career success.
  • Why the basis for getting promoted & excelling in any career is self-confidence
  • Learn the secret to being fully engaged and taking action
  • What it looks and feels like when you are self-confident
  • A simple tip to quiet your inner critic and build self-confidence
  • Free webinar announcement on “How to Grow Your Self Confidence to Advance Your Career & Leadership.


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