Do you feel stuck trying to advance your career?

 Not sure what the secrets are to reach the top ranks in your company?

Then join Sabrina as she interviews Randy White, co-author of ‘ Breaking the Glass Ceiling”, one of the most famous books that have helped women world wide advance their leadership, careers and income.

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Randy White, one of the leading management consultants in the United States, and the author of Breaking the Glass Ceiling shares his insights with Sabrina Braham on how women can get into top management positions.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Women’s Leadership Highlights

  • Do you know what the narrow band of acceptable conduct is in your company?
  • Learn how to navigate through the barriers.
  • Discover the most important factor to your career.
  • Is the female modesty effect blocking your advancement?
  • Do you know who makes it and why?
  • The secret to reaching the top ranks in your company.
  • Learning to take risks

Join executive coach Sarina Braham MA CPC and Randy White and find our how Hillary Clinton, governor Sarah Palin, Geraldine Ferarro and women leaders around the world are breaking the glass ceiling.

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