If you have ever worked, or considered the “Lean Process”, 2 Second Lean will help you make it simple and accessible. Join me and my guest Paul Akers, author of the best Selling book, “2 Second Lean”.

2 second leanListen and learn a simple way to eliminate waste with the “2 Second Lean Process” to increase productivity and enjoy your life more. It is has been adopted by corporations like Coca-Cola, Boeing, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, Boeing and many others worldwide.

Paul Akers is the author of 2 Second Lean and the founder and president of FastCap based in Bellingham, Washington, an international product development company that he founded in 1997. He has over 2,000 distributors worldwide and he is a prolific inventor. He has launched approximately twenty new innovative products a year since 1999.


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2 Second Lean Interview for Women’s Leadership Success

  • Ideas that you could put into use immediately
  • How 2 Second Lean gets implemented so that it’s actually an enjoyable process
  • Discover the “eight wastes” and practical ways to eliminate them daily
  • Four simple points for continuous improvement
  • How 2 Second Lean improves customer service
  • Learn to build culture and engage employees
  • Take what bugs you and learn how to make it better
  • Easy changes to put into action
  • Shocking solution to those who refuse to improve
  • Makes 2 Second Lean simple and accessible
  • How to operationally and practically implement this approach
  • Easy tips to unravel the complication of lean and makes it simple
  • How to make something better than it was.


2 Second Lean Quotes

  • “Lean is the ability to see waste in everything you do, so this is how it works. Everything you do in life is a process. So most of what we do all day long is non-value added activity.”
  • “So all we’re trying to do is eliminate the waste from the starting point of every process to the ending point and eliminate that and make it smaller, more efficient and recapture all the waste of resources that are involved in any process. That’s all Lean is.”
  • “We’re wasting our potential as human beings because we were made to do fantastic things, to develop, invent and create all kinds of wonderful things, but the preponderance of our life is caught up in doing incredibly, stupid work because we overproduced everything we do in life, and so we’re caught up into this waste vortex and we’re not using our potential.”
  • “Fix what bugs you and do it in a disciplined way every day for the rest of your life. Guess what happens? Every day you get up, your life is better than the day before. That is the critical component. Every day you get up, it’s better than the day before if you do this.
  • “Continuous improvement never stops or pauses…”

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